Our/Los Angeles is partly-distilled, blended and hand-bottled in the micro-distillery according to the same global recipe, but with the use of different, locally-sourced ingredients, giving each vodka its own, unique flavor profile. The small-sized, simple bottle is sealed with a crown-cap containing a vodka that is smooth, fresh and pure with a slight grain and fruity note.


Our Team

Anton Van Der Woude

Anton has spent the last 10 years in the alcohol industry, working on different brands in various countries. Now settled in Los Angeles for some time, he joined the Our/Vodka project because of its exciting innovation and the opportunity to build something of his own. Anton likes his vodka in an Alaskan.

Rupert Runewitsch

Rupert is a British born entrepreneur from London, who spent the majority of his professional career in advertising's biggest agencies. In 2017 he launched a hospitality and retail software called Vista backed by his old employer, Gary Vaynerchuk. Rupert joined the Our/Vodka project because of his love for the brand’s vision, quality and of course his love for Southern California.

Samantha Hochhauser

Samantha is an Art History major turned distiller. California born and raised and has called Los Angeles her home for 5 years, she likes her martinis extra dirty and is always on the hunt for the perfect pair of coveralls.